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Where to stay?

Hospitality, personalised service and a warm, friendly welcome are the key values underlying accommodation in Gironès County, where visitors are encouraged to get to know and love this land of ours, so ideal for strolling through. Here you will find information on the walking trails and the bicycle routes, the eight museums in the county, as well as various local events and activities and the many places of natural beauty and cultural heritage throughout the area.

Gironès County is an inland destination that will add a touch of quality to your stay, enabling you to combine leisure or business breaks with exploring the rich natural and cultural surroundings of the area. Let yourselves be pleasantly surprised by the accommodation proposals on offer … stroll around, feel the thrill of exploring a new place, and simply enjoy life as you relax, smile and let your dreams come true ...

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Consell Comarcal del Gironès - c/Riera de Mus, 1-A · 17003 GIRONA Tel. 972 213 262
Centre de Visitants del Gironès - Av. França, 221 · 17840 SARRIÀ DE TER Tel. 972 011 669
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